“As part of our commitment to provide the best value for Albertans, Alberta Infrastructure has surpassed our government’s goal of reducing red tape regulations by one-third, achieving a reduction of 37.3 per cent since June 2019.

“As we have been modernizing our operations, especially through digitalization, we have reduced thousands of redundant or unnecessary steps. We can now accept digital seals and bids from our industry partners, which is increasing efficiency and making sure all parties have a higher-quality experience when working with the government.

“Accessing technical documents is easier and simpler than ever before. We continue to streamline project delivery contracts and, through our performance management program for vendors, ensure that projects are done on time and on budget.

“We’ve also taken a hard look at our technical design standards and removed duplicate requirements, resulting in more than 400 reductions. These reductions make it easier to ensure that our buildings are constructed to the standards Albertans deserve and expect.

“We have also simplified requirements for all procurement documents, resulting in a more streamlined process for planning, bidding and tracking. 

“I want to thank each of our industry partners who worked with us to identify changes that helped us surpass our goal of a one-third reduction.

“Reducing red tape is helping streamline Alberta Infrastructure’s day-to-day business activities and helping us, together with our industry partners, provide the best value for the infrastructure projects Albertans need. Alberta Infrastructure will continue to work to further reduce red tape and streamline our processes to benefit all Albertans.”