“In response to the avian influenza outbreak in 2022, the governments of Canada and Alberta have agreed to allow late participation in AgriStability for the 2022 program year. This means any poultry producers not currently signed up for AgriStability can reach out to Agriculture Financial Services Corporation to enrol by Feb. 28.

“Alberta’s producers have faced significant impacts, substantial losses and a great deal of stress during this time, and that is why we’re providing additional help to some producers. I commend Alberta’s poultry sector for its advocacy and information sharing over the past year to support producers during the avian influenza outbreak.

“In recognition of the potential for more infections as we move into spring, I will continue to work with industry to identify any available tools and supports to mitigate avian influenza’s impacts.

“AgriStability is a margin-based program designed to help producers manage large income declines. Poultry producers interested in late acceptance for the 2022 AgriStability program should contact Agriculture Financial Services Corporation though AFSC Connect or by calling 1-877-899-2372.

“Late participants in AgriStability must comply with all program requirements and deadlines. Under the program guidelines, payments to late participants, including any interim payments under the program, are reduced by 20 per cent.”