“Each year, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) organizes Red Tape Awareness Week to remind Canadians of the importance of reducing red tape.

“This year, Red Tape Awareness Week will focus on how regulatory modernization can improve Canadians’ lives.

“Here at home, Alberta’s government has been leading the country in reducing the province's regulatory burden since 2019. Moving forward, our intent is to continue being a leader of red tape reduction and modernization in Canada.

“I will be sharing Alberta’s successes this week in our own Red Tape Reduction Annual Report, and I look forward to seeing how Alberta stacked up against other provinces in the CFIB’s Red Tape Report Card.

“The CFIB has done a great job motivating governments to take ongoing action on red tape, and we thank them for that.

“In recognition of that contribution, and to reaffirm Alberta’s ongoing commitment to reducing red tape, I hereby recognize Jan. 30 to Feb. 3 as Red Tape Awareness Week in Alberta.”