“Alberta continues to set the standard for employment in our nation. Our government is creating a business-friendly climate that builds momentum, supports high-paying jobs and further diversifies our economy. Thanks to our efforts, Albertans are prospering, and Canadians are taking notice. Record levels of newcomers are moving to our province to take advantage of our growing prosperity.

“December’s numbers are proof that our economy is thriving and resilient thanks to our strong economic and fiscal policies and the actions we are taking to attract investment. In a single month, Alberta has gained more than 41,000 new full-time jobs, and almost 94,000 full-time jobs in 2022. Most of this job growth comes from the private sector, with major gains in construction, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, technology, business and health care. Over the past year, Alberta has contributed almost a quarter of Canada’s total employment growth.

“With around 100,000 job openings in our province, we continue to welcome those who want to experience the renewed Alberta Advantage. Not only are there great opportunities to build careers, families and lives in Alberta, our province is also in the unique position of being able to provide targeted assistance to the most vulnerable. Alberta’s affordability measures – such as inflation relief for those who need it the most, and programs that save Albertans money on gas, diesel and electricity – provide widespread assistance for Albertans, with extra help to those most in need.

“Alberta’s growing economy, exceptional quality of life and affordability measures contribute to our province leading the country in third-quarter growth. Record levels of international migration paired with the highest net interprovincial migration in decades show that people from across Canada and around the world are taking notice of Alberta as the land of opportunity.”