The Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC) was created in 2019 to help Indigenous communities participate in major natural resource projects by providing loan guarantees and other financial tools. In February 2022, the AIOC’s mandate was expanded to include agriculture, telecommunication and transportation projects. By removing capital investment barriers for major projects, the AIOC continues to generate wealth for First Nations and Métis communities.

Alberta’s government welcomes Maureen Moneta as the newest AIOC board member through 2026.

“AIOC’s board is helping chart a new course when it comes to Indigenous economic prosperity and job creation. I thank all members who have served on the AIOC board since the beginning. Each of you has made a difference and helped back the more than $410 million in Indigenous investment for their communities’ future.”

Rick Wilson, Minister of Indigenous Relations

Moneta is the senior executive officer of the Métis organization Rupertsland Institute. She is an experienced chartered professional accountant and corporate director with a background in auditing, financial operations and governance.

Her appointment helps diversify the board’s expertise to further meet the needs of Indigenous communities.

The AIOC board sets the strategic direction and oversees the Crown corporation’s governance, as well as manages AIOC’s business and investment activity.

“I am honoured and excited to welcome Maureen Moneta to the AIOC board. She brings with her a wide range of expertise that will complement our team's efforts in creating a stronger and brighter future for Indigenous businesses in Alberta. AIOC has a bright future and I look forward to the work ahead as we continue to help create opportunities for Indigenous communities to gain stakes in major resource development projects.”

Stephen Buffalo, board chair, AIOC

Quick facts

  • AIOC has backed $410 million worth of Indigenous investments in major resource projects since it launched in 2019.

  • Almost 30 Indigenous communities have gained equity stakes in major natural resource projects through AIOC loan backing.

  • AIOC’s original mandate supported Indigenous investment in natural resource projects and related infrastructure in the energy (which includes oil and gas, renewable energy and coal), mining and forestry industries.

  • In February 2022, the Alberta government expanded the AIOC mandate to include investments in major agriculture, telecommunications and transportation projects.

  • AIOC has a limited pool of discretionary capacity funding to provide access to technical support like legal or economic expertise for qualified project opportunities.