“Alberta’s economy has momentum and we remain focused on investment attraction, job creation and diversification as we continue to be the economic engine of Canada.

“According to population estimates released by Statistics Canada, we just recorded our highest single-quarter population growth rate in more than 40 years. Between the beginning of July and the end of September, Alberta added 58,203 residents.

“This is a great testament to the economic climate here in Alberta.

“Compared to the rest of Canada, we have a lower cost of living, affordable housing market, higher earnings and lower taxes.

“We are committed to building up our young, educated workforce and putting Alberta in the best position possible to withstand future volatility.”

Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

“The Renewed Alberta Advantage is real and the numbers prove it. Our government’s strong, business-friendly policies make us a top choice to grow a business, raise a family and build a career.

“This past quarter, Alberta saw massive gains in interprovincial migration. This means almost 20,000 more Canadians chose to make Alberta their home. This is, in part, thanks to our government’s strong, business-friendly, Alberta-first policies. Canadians and newcomers are rushing to Alberta to take advantage of our growing economy, our lower cost of living and our abundant opportunities.

“They’re coming to our province to get a first-class education, to find a well-paying job and to buy a home at some of the most affordable prices in the country. Our highly skilled workforce continues to diversify and grow our economy.

“Alberta is calling. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to keep more of what they earn while taking part in a prosperous Alberta.”

Brian Jean, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development