The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton will be one of four sites countrywide, and the only site in Western Canada, to provide this gene therapy.

“Albertans deserve to get the newest, most effective health treatments available. Providing access to this innovative gene therapy for those who need it most and right here at home is important.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Health

The gene therapy will prevent vision loss and improve existing vision, particularly night vision. Early intervention with this new gene therapy can make a lasting, lifelong change.

Because this gene therapy is highly specialized, the treatment is only provided in a hospital and administered by a retinal surgeon with experience providing submacular injections and managing complications.

“Gene therapy is an innovative approach that has seen promising results for some eye diseases, including Leber congenital amaurosis. Access to treatments like this help ensure our team at the Royal Alexandra Hospital’s Eye Institute of Alberta have the best tools available to give Albertans access to leading-edge eye care and the best chance at improved vision.”

Dr. Ian MacDonald, ophthalmologist and AHS Edmonton Zone clinical chief of ophthalmology

Three Albertans will be receiving the treatment at this time. The cost to treat both eyes is $1 million.