“On Nov. 22, through last-minute amendments to Bill C-21, the federal government moved to ban hundreds of new models of legally owned rifles and shotguns.

“The amendments target more than two million licensed Canadian firearms owners, including hunters, farmers and target shooters who collectively own hundreds of thousands of firearms that could soon be prohibited.

“The decision to take this action abandons long-held claims put forward by Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino – namely, that the federal government was only seeking to ban so-called ‘assault-style’ firearms and that they would somehow equitably compensate firearms owners.

“If the amendments are successful, Bill C-21 will lead to the most sweeping and arbitrary ban in Canadian history. The ban will not only be unenforceable but will criminalize hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

“Only two months ago, Alberta took unprecedented action to protect law-abiding firearms owners by announcing our intention to intervene in six firearms lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the 2020 federal firearms prohibitions.

“Alberta then went further, announcing that we would take steps to seek to prevent the federal government from conscripting RCMP officers to confiscate legally acquired firearms. Alberta was quickly joined by Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and the Yukon.

“With the amendments tabled on Nov. 22, it has become increasingly clear that these actions are not enough. The federal government is clearly seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether. In the coming weeks, Alberta will explore all available options to take action.”