Letters to the ministers of Agriculture and Irrigation; Forestry, Parks and Tourism; Jobs, Economy and Northern Development; Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction; Technology and Innovation; Treasury Board and Finance; and Transportation and Economic Corridors outline actions Alberta’s government will take to create jobs and ensure the province’s economy will continue growing and diversifying.

“Alberta’s economy has real momentum. More and more job creators are recognizing the benefits of doing business in our province and that leads to more jobs for Albertans looking for work. We have made real progress in diversifying our economy, and we want to see even more. By continuing that work, we will ensure that Alberta businesses, and all Albertans and their families, can prosper and benefit from Alberta’s strong economy.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

Key actions outlined in the letters include:

  • Continuing to diversify Alberta’s economy and attracting investment, including in the tourism sector, which will provide great job opportunities for Albertans.
  • Building on our province’s competitive advantage in traditional industries and identifying ways to improve market access so that we continue to be a global supplier of energy and food.
  • Advocating for Alberta's agriculture industry and working with partners to further modernize the sector and grow Alberta’s agri-food market.
  • Exploring opportunities to work with the private sector and the City of Calgary on the construction of an LRT and rail link between Calgary International Airport, downtown Calgary and Canmore/Banff.
  • Continuing to cut red tape so that Alberta businesses can focus on growing and Albertans face fewer hurdles when interacting with government.

“Alberta is the economic engine of Canada. This is a responsibility we take seriously. We are a senior partner in Confederation and some of our biggest contributions are to the economic growth and prosperity of the nation. The work I have tasked these ministers with is vital to ensuring Albertans and Canadians can look forward to a prosperous future.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

The mandate letters issued Nov. 15 build on mandates already announced to address affordability and to stand up for Albertans against federal government overreach. A final set of letters will be issued this week, addressing Premier Smith’s commitments to Albertans on health care and skilled labour.