“I am proud to celebrate the rich history, heritage and accomplishments of Métis people during Métis Week.

“A distinct people born of First Nations and European settlers, this rich, multicultural group has its own language, flag, traditions and land base.

“The Métis ‘Big Five’ – Joe Dion, Peter Tompkins, Malcolm Norris, Jim Brady and Felix Callihoo – were leaders in the 1930s who advocated for a Métis homeland in Alberta. Their commitment led to the Metis Population Betterment Act in 1938, which resulted in the eight Settlements, the only Métis land base in Canada.

“Today, the Métis are the second-largest Indigenous population in Canada and the largest in Western Canada – contributing greatly to business, social and cultural life across the nation.

“During Métis Week, I encourage you to explore their significant history, attend an event or plan a day trip. Try a Métis vacation experience, which you can find on Indigenous Tourism Alberta’s website.

“Métis history is Alberta history, and our futures are tied closely. Take advantage of the many ways to learn about this extraordinary culture, bringing all of us closer together.”