Albertans rely on firefighters in some of the most stressful situations they face. Whether they assist with putting out a fire, cleaning up a car accident or providing emergency medical assistance, their work helps protect Albertans and give them peace of mind.

Alberta’s government recognizes the important work done every day by firefighters and is committed to helping them perform their duties and protect the public. Fire Services Training Program grants are being reintroduced as a key way to support the safety of both firefighters and the public.

“Public safety is a priority for our government. While fire services is a municipal responsibility, these training grants can help ensure the availability of emergency services in some rural communities, especially as we work to reduce rural emergency response times.”

Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Municipal Affairs

A total of $500,000 a year in grants will help fire services personnel gain the knowledge and skills essential to protect Albertans, their property and the communities they call home.

“On behalf of the members of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association, I am pleased with the return of the Fire Services Training Grant in the amount of $500,000 annually. This announcement serves to reinforce Alberta’s commitment to support municipalities in providing this essential service. The AFCA sees this as a step in a positive direction of strengthening stakeholder relations. The AFCA anticipates the needed support will be highly sought after and strongly encourages a long-term program that is monitored, fostered and supported to meet the future needs of our communities.”

Randy Schroeder, president, Alberta Fire Chiefs Association and fire chief, County of Lac Ste. Anne

The Fire Services Training Program grants are intended to supplement training supports already provided by municipalities, First Nations and Metis Settlements to their fire services departments. Because each community is different, recipients will be able to determine which training programs best suit their local needs. The grants cover a wide range of eligible costs, from basic skills training to specialized expertise such as ice water rescues and toxic materials responses.

“The City of Camrose is grateful to the Government of Alberta for reinitiating this incredibly important program. Our fire services personnel donate exceptional amounts of their personal time to be trained at a high level for this essential community service. Municipalities are under increasing pressure to supply higher levels of emergency services and this grant program will assist us in being able to meet those needs.”

PJ Stasko, mayor, City of Camrose

Quick facts

  • Details on the Fire Services Training Program grant, including eligibility criteria, types of training covered and application forms will be available on
  • The training grant program previously ended in 2020.
  • In Alberta, each municipality determines its own local fire service levels and organization, budgets and training.
  • The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association promotes, supports and facilitates fire protection and related emergency services, and advocates on behalf of fire chiefs and departments in Alberta.
  • Alberta Municipal Affairs also provides support for fire services by developing and implementing the provincial fire code, conducting fire inspections and investigations in unaccredited areas, administering emergency service medals and overseeing the testing and certification for fire rescue services recognized by the National Fire Protection Association and International Fire Service Accreditation Congress certification.