“We recognize the generations of Indigenous people who served and continue to serve Canada with courage in war and peacekeeping efforts.

“For more than 200 years, thousands of Indigenous people bravely dedicated their lives to service. This history includes the War of 1812, the two world wars, the Korean War and recent military conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

“These talented veterans earned at least 50 Canadian decorations for bravery during the First World War. Henry Louis Norwest, a Métis sharpshooter born in Fort Saskatchewan, also earned the Military Medal and Bar, one of fewer than 850 people to have been awarded this honour. He made a divisional sniping record of 115 fatal shots in almost three years during the war.

“Indigenous service people have continued to be an inspiration in modern times – from serving in European operations during the Cold War to working as army reservists in Canada’s north and in disaster relief and peacekeeping operations around the world.

“Many Indigenous veterans lost their lives and others continue to serve in times of war and peace despite many facing racism back at home.

“We pause in honour of their selflessness, service and sacrifice.

“Lest we forget.”