The agreement, the first of its kind in Alberta, was ratified on Oct. 21 and is the result of months of discussions and negotiations between the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association and the departments of Justice and Treasury Board and Finance.

The agreement allows for market adjustments to take place in relation to the association members’ pay, commits to a one-year counselling pilot project, and defines the relationship between the association and the Alberta government.

“This agreement is an important step forward for the stability of Alberta’s justice system. It will act as a solid basis for the strong and enduring relationship between Alberta’s government and the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association. I’d like to thank all those who helped us reach this point, from the civil service to the association’s representatives.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice

"On behalf of our membership, the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association executive extends our gratitude to Minister Shandro and other government leaders who have assisted in making this landmark agreement a reality. Sufficient mental health supports, manageable workloads and competitive compensation are the main priorities of our membership. Each of these priorities has been addressed in this agreement.

“Our membership is confident that this agreement will create a solid foundation for a prosecution service that is properly funded and able to attract and retain experienced and qualified prosecutors to ensure just outcomes for Albertans. We look forward to continuing our constructive relationship with the Justice Department in pursuit of our common goal of a properly resourced justice system."

Dallas Sopko, president, Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association

Quick facts

  • The agreement is in force until March 31, 2024.
  • The agreement:
    • Allows for market adjustments to take place to ensure the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association members’ pay is competitive with other provinces and the federal prosecutor service.
    • Commits to a one-year pilot project, which would provide prosecutors with access to one-on-one counselling sessions with a registered psychologist or psychiatrist in recognition of the toll on mental health prosecutors face.
    • Defines the relationship between Crown prosecutors and government, including dispute resolution, addressing occupational health and safety concerns, and education for Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association members.