“The most common cancer found in women is breast cancer. One in eight Alberta women will be diagnosed with this devastating disease in their lifetime, but hopefully many of them will have a greater chance of survival due to early detection.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of the need for regular mammograms. With regular screening, breast cancer can sometimes be detected years before lumps are felt, changes in appearance are observed or other symptoms are noticed. 

“Alberta’s government is committed to providing timely, accessible, high-quality breast cancer screening that is based on the most currently available best evidence.

“During the pandemic, some routine examinations and screening for breast cancer were affected. Alberta Health is working with Alberta Health Services to ensure breast cancer screening volumes return to pre-pandemic levels. Please know that screening services are fully operational across the province through the Screening for Life program.

“With advancements in the prevention, detection and treatments of breast cancer, more women are surviving longer than ever before. However, treatments are more effective the earlier cancer is detected. The least advanced the cancer is and the sooner treatment begins, the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome.

“Breast cancer is not unique to women; it can be experienced by men as well. Please visit Healthier Together to learn more about reducing the risks of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.”