“October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the perfect time for each of us to take stock of our online habits.

“It is also a great time to learn about emerging threats so you can develop new skills to help you stay ahead.

“From network breaches and website skimming to phishing messages and spoofed websites, threats are seemingly everywhere and more convincing than in the past. Even the classic warning signs like spelling errors or incorrect branding in phishing emails are less common and increasingly harder to spot. Everyone is a target – individuals, businesses, governments, schools, and more.

“Alberta’s government takes cybersecurity very seriously. Computers and digital technologies are more integrated into our lives than ever before, which is why it is so important Albertans have access to information to help them protect themselves.

“Alberta’s government is working to build up skills with students through the new Physical Education and Wellness curriculum, which incorporates lessons about digital literacy and responsible digital citizenship into other learning about health and safety. By the time students are finished Grade 6, they will be better equipped to assess risks they may encounter online and protect their personal information. Tips about online safety from Service Alberta are also available at alberta.ca.

“Service Alberta’s Cybersecurity Services team continues to adjust its practices, adopting new tactics and exploring new tools that can stand up to ever-evolving online threats against our government assets. They also work with other governments and law enforcement agencies across all Canadian jurisdictions to help secure Alberta’s cyberspace.

“As threats change, it is important that the entire province can respond appropriately. That is why Cybersecurity Services recently introduced the CyberAlberta Community of Interest (COI), formed with the cybersecurity leads of private and public stakeholder organizations. The COI will provide a venue for members to discuss security threats, incidents or other malicious attacks, and find ways to resolve or prevent them. I look forward to them sharing more about their work in the coming months.

“Follow the Service Alberta Twitter and Facebook pages for their helpful and practical cybersecurity tips throughout the month. You can also follow #CSAM2022 for tips from other leading organizations.”