As part of a commitment to help Albertans get back to work, Alberta’s government is investing almost $5 million toward targeted employment supports and services for employers and Albertans with disabilities across Alberta.

An additional $7 million to support new employment initiatives will expand the Career and Employment Information Services (CEIS) to support Albertans with employment.

This funding will help build employment partnerships with job creators, connect individuals to jobs that match their skill set and interests, and promote the hiring of more people with disabilities through diversity and inclusion initiatives.

“I believe everyone, regardless of the barriers they face, should have the opportunity to build their skills and find meaningful work in their communities. This investment will help more people with disabilities find good jobs and will further the important work of creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces in Alberta.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Community and Social Services

Alberta’s government is also providing almost $600,000 to the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society as they lead the delivery of innovative employment support tailored to the needs of newcomers with disabilities.

This project will help new Albertans with disabilities enhance their job search strategies, training that can help provide skills in recognizing and managing emotions, and gain further knowledge on how on to cope with conflict and boost their psychological health and safety.

“This new employment support project addresses a gap in services by providing tailored training and support to newcomers who are facing mental and physical disabilities. This program is truly innovative in its holistic approach to employment to help participants build their resilience and prepare for workplace success. CCIS is grateful to Community and Social Services for supporting us in our delivery of this unique program.”

Gordana Radan, director, Business, Employment & Training Services, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Community and Social Services has worked with community groups that support people facing barriers. In addition to the $30-million Alberta at Work commitment through Community and Social Services, Alberta’s government offers a variety of programs and services to people with disabilities through the Labour Market Transfer Agreements (LMTA).

“These investments by the Alberta government and CSS allowed us to support employment for hundreds of persons with disabilities and, last quarter alone, government funding allowed us to place 102 clients with disabilities into independent jobs. These investments change lives and build our community, ensuring everyone can contribute and share in this province’s prosperity.”

Kevin McNichol, CEO, Prospect Human Services

“The Employment Partnership grant, offered within central Alberta, is designed to work collaboratively with the business community, civil society organizations and the Government of Alberta to create awareness of hiring individuals with a disability. Through connecting with all parties, we have the opportunity to hear their views, provide resources, identify areas requiring increased training/awareness, share successes and develop best practices. The flexible delivery design utilizes a variety of modes, including webinars, informal meetings (online) and newsletters. This collaborative approach, along with the sharing and designing of resources, will result in increased employment opportunities for individuals.”

Cindy Jensen, executive director, Employment Placement & Support Services Red Deer

“Open conversations about the inclusion of employees with disabilities do not happen enough because employers are often worried they may say the wrong thing or they have a preconceived notion about ‘disability.’ The Employment Partnership grant received by Outcome Employment Services is allowing the opportunity to open this conversation, dispel the longstanding myths and help employers create partnerships to access this often untapped talent pool. By providing consultation to employers and coordinating work placements, employers are seeing first-hand that creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is not about doing the ‘right thing.’ They are building a competitive edge by harnessing the skills of untapped talent pools who also represent a huge share of their customer base.”

Katherine Bruens, owner, Outcome Facilitation and Project Development

Quick facts

  • The total investment of Alberta at Work is $600 million over three years.
    • Of that investment, Community and Social Services has $20 million this fiscal year (2022-23) and $10 million in 2023-24.