“Disability Employment Awareness Month celebrates the talents and contributions that people with disabilities bring to our workforce, our communities and our economy.

“People with disabilities are an essential part of Alberta’s workforce, earning a living while gaining independence.

“Alberta’s government has created more jobs for people with disabilities by developing and fostering partnerships with organizations across the province while offering grants and working with our community partners to ensure programs and services are accessible.

“As Minister of Community and Social Services, I am committed to making sure there are opportunities for Albertans with disabilities to enhance their skills so they can find meaningful employment.

“Whether it is acknowledging the skills, success and accomplishments of Albertans with disabilities or by volunteering your time to help promote and advocate for the participation of people with disabilities in our communities, every Albertan should take the time to applaud their achievements.

“This October, please join me in recognizing Disability Employment Awareness Month and celebrating inclusion in the workforce.”