Submitted in June 2022, the Coordinated Community Response to Homelessness Task Force report highlights that while Alberta is on the right path, more targeted and enhanced measures are needed to better address this complex issue.

Informed by the task force’s advice and recommendations, Alberta’s government developed its Homelessness Action Plan, which will see $63 million invested in various initiatives over the next two years. Overall, Alberta’s government is spending $166 million this year to reduce homelessness in the province.

“How our communities deal with homelessness is key to Alberta’s recovery, and making sure all Albertans have a safe place to stay and access to the supports they need remains a top priority of this government. I would like to thank the community leaders and experts on the task force who stepped up to help address this critical issue for vulnerable Albertans. Alberta’s government is committed to making a difference for people experiencing chronic homelessness.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

The action plan outlines several immediate steps being taken by government:

  • Expanding the number of shelter spaces for the winter months in priority communities like Edmonton, Wetaskiwin and Lethbridge, and in rural communities where there is an urgent and unmet need.
  • Moving all provincially funded shelters to 24-7 access to make sure support is available day or night.
  • Piloting a service hub model at shelters in Edmonton and Calgary to connect clients directly with supports and services such as recovery, housing and emergency financial support.
  • Equalizing funding between community-based organizations in Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Improving data collection and reporting to support innovation, inform decision-making and better understand homelessness.

“The homelessness task force recommended transformational changes to build a recovery-oriented housing model for Alberta. The $63 million funding announced today will address key issues identified and support our most vulnerable, while protecting businesses, and community members. I know the change in direction together with our community partners will have a lasting impact on all Albertans.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Community and Social Services

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to be co-chair of this task force, to work with co-chair Patricia Jones and all task force members on this crucial work, and to be able to bring forward – and receive approval of – recommendations that will build on the foundation of homeless/housing supports in our province. This report points to a new direction and new opportunities to build on success, to meet needs not just through funding, which is essential, but also by bridging silos, linking services and support and establishing clear accountabilities for us all.”

Dale McPhee, chief of police, Edmonton Police Service and co-chair, Coordinated Community Response to Homelessness Task Force

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to co-lead the incredibly important work of the provincial homelessness task force. The final report is the result of the collaborative work of dedicated leaders across various sectors committed to supporting the most vulnerable Albertans. The Government of Alberta’s commitment to work towards all 14 task force recommendations represents a critical step forward in the fight against homelessness. Through a model that prioritizes integration and coordination and puts people at the forefront, we can empower communities and improve services and supports for those experiencing homelessness.

Patricia Jones, president, Calgary Homeless Foundation and co-chair, Coordinated Community Response to Homelessness Task Force

“I am thankful to have had the chance to work alongside the various stakeholders in addressing how we can come together to care for our vulnerable neighbours and provide the best solutions and opportunities for people to escape and recover from this experience. I look forward to seeing how acting upon the recommendations made by the provincial homelessness task force makes a difference for the hurting members of our community and am grateful for the support of the provincial government in moving this forward.”

Bruce Reith, executive director, Hope Mission and member, Coordinated Community Response to Homelessness Task Force

Many Albertans experiencing homelessness have complex addiction and mental health challenges. Community and Social Services will be working with our partners in Alberta Health to ensure vulnerable Albertans have access to recovery-oriented addiction and mental health supports.

This announcement is a significant investment towards ensuring that Edmonton’s unhoused population have the necessary supports they need. By providing additional shelter spaces, 24-7 access to these spaces, and mental health supports on site through a new service hub model, we will ensure services are available at shelters for people who need to access them.

Amarjeet Sohi, mayor, City of Edmonton

Ensuring all Calgarians have the opportunity to be safely housed is a collective responsibility. This commitment to the bold recommendations of the task force are an important step. I’m grateful to Premier Kenney, Minister Luan, the task force members, neighbourhoods, businesses and all those who continue to highlight the critical needs of community members experiencing vulnerabilities.

Jyoti Gondek, mayor, City of Calgary

Quick facts

  • Over the next two years, $63 million will be provided to implement the Action Plan on Homelessness.

Action plan item

Funding 2022-23

Funding 2023-24

Additional funding for Edmonton community-based organization

$12 million

$12 million

Winter shelter demand

$9 million

$9 million

Expanding shelters to 24-7 service

$4.5 million

$9 million

Piloting the service hub model

$2.5 million

$5 million

TOTAL: $63 million      

  • In 2022-23, almost $166 million is being invested to address homelessness.
  • As of Jan. 31, 2022, more than 6,400 Albertans were recorded as experiencing homelessness.
  • Each night in 2021-22, about 2,500 Albertans stayed at a shelter.
  • Community and Social Services Minister Jason Luan announced the task force on Nov. 17, 2021, after receiving information and feedback during a summer tour where he met with a broad range of stakeholders.
  • The task force report focuses on five areas:
    • Ensuring the safety of clients, shelter workers, businesses and communities.
    • Coordinating discharge plans to help ensure individuals released from hospitals or correctional facilities have a safe place to stay.
    • Improving outreach supports to people in encampments.
    • Providing timely access to health supports, mental health services and addictions treatment, and other social services like income support.
    • Looking at expanding the range of housing solutions.