“Islamic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the rich and diverse history of the Islamic faith in Alberta and throughout the world.

“Muslims have called Alberta home since before we became a province. You can still find Canada’s first mosque, the Al Rashid mosque, in Edmonton after 84 years. Alberta’s Muslim community continues to grow, flourish and make important contributions to our province.

“I’m delighted to live in a province that supports the freedom for everyone to celebrate and practise their traditions openly. We must continue to stand up against prejudice toward Muslims or others because of their faith or cultural background. Through Alberta’s Anti-Racism Action Plan and our other initiatives, my government colleagues and I continue to work towards eliminating racism in our province. We are proud to promote multiculturalism and diversity, and welcome the contributions of all newcomers in Alberta.

“Throughout the month of October, I encourage Albertans to attend community events and share their interest with our Muslim neighbours, as they discover and appreciate Alberta’s diverse Islamic heritage.”