“It’s been more than 20 years since horrendous terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York City and the Pentagon put the United States and its allies on a different path. No one can forget where they were that morning, as footage of the atrocities appeared on the news. And we will never forget the 2,977 innocents, including 24 Canadians, who died at the hands of al-Qaida.

“The 9/11 terrorist attacks revealed the true character of democracies in the face of shocking evil. The terrorists who had expected the West to fold discovered how wrong they were. Canadians lined up with Americans in the defence of freedom.

“Now, as then, we are resolute in standing up for everything we hold so dear. Violence will never deter us from doing what’s right. Remembering that dark and fateful day is a promise to ourselves and the future that we will keep faith with the values that so many died for on 9/11.”