The Cancer Research for Screening and Prevention (CRSP) grant program will help build capacity and excellence in cancer research, collaboration and innovation. Three-year grants of up to $1 million each will fund research, education and initiatives that promote cancer prevention, early detection and screening, and improve the journey of care for cancer patients and their families.

Eligible applicants, including Alberta-based post-secondary institutes, non-profit organizations, Métis and First Nation communities and organizations, are encouraged to apply.

“Cancer is something that will touch all Albertans in some way during their lifetime. Expanding eligible applicants for this funding will encourage partnerships to improve cancer outcomes for all Albertans. Community partnerships can greatly assist in developing local, culturally safe and socially appropriate solutions for rural, underserved, Indigenous and vulnerable populations. To win the fight against cancer and its devastating impacts, we need collaboration, innovation and excellence from all Albertans.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Health

To leverage the overall impact of cancer research funding, the CRSP grant can build on an existing project or a portion of a project already underway. Evaluation of all applications will include a clear path forward for widespread implementation, adding value to the health-care system and providing tangible solutions, support and hope for every Albertan facing cancer.  

Quick facts

  • $5.3 million has been allotted to cancer research for the 2021-22 fiscal year.
  • The CRSP program will provide up to $4 million in funding in 2022.
  • The CRSP program fund will:
    • Support cancer research, focusing on prevention, early detection and screening to improve the overall health of Albertans.
    • Build capacity for cancer research and innovation excellence with eligible institutions to promote implementation, collaborations and investments.
    • Promote investment in cancer research that supports sustainability of the health-care system.
  • Eligible Alberta-based institutions include:
    • post-secondary institutions  
    • incorporated provincial non-profit community organizations
    • Alberta Health Services, including the Strategic Clinical Networks
    • Metis Settlements and First Nation communities and organizations
    • municipalities
  • For-profit organizations are not eligible for this grant.
  • The application deadline is Oct. 31.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of cancer experts and health system leaders.