“Arthritis affects more than 650,000 Albertans, including children, and is the most common cause of disability in Canada.

“Arthritis is a chronic condition causing inflammation in joints that causes pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. Everyday tasks, participation at work or school, and enjoyment of life can be mentally and physically challenging.

“Currently there is no cure for arthritis, but quality of life can be improved by staying active and working with your health-care provider to identify supports and strategies to manage pain, mobility and mental health.

“Alberta Health Services offers a handy guide to make everyday activities easier and information to manage many of the most common forms of arthritis. Further resources, guidance and meaningful connections are offered by the Arthritis Society of Alberta. Albertans may also have access to services to prevent and manage arthritis through their Primary Care Network.

“Arthritis Awareness Month helps recognize the daily struggles of every Albertan living with this condition and the many family members, friends and caregivers who support them practically and emotionally to improve their quality of life.”