The OHS legislation search tool consolidates the OHS Act, regulation and code into one interactive, online resource.

The tool will enable employers and workers to more efficiently access and apply the health and safety rules that apply to their workplace. A searchable web-based version of the legislation means Albertans can quickly navigate and share individual sections from all three components of OHS legislation in one place. This format is designed for use on both computers and mobile devices.

“Updated and easy-to-understand OHS legislation will help workers and job creators ensure safe and healthy workplaces that support jobs and Alberta’s economic recovery. This new online search tool is a significant step in ensuring that OHS rules are easy to reference and apply.”

Kaycee Madu, Minister of Labour and Immigration

The search tool contains a word-for-word transfer of the OHS Act, regulation and code, as it appears in the Alberta Queen’s Printer (the official source of Alberta government laws, materials and publications). It is not intended to replace the Queen’s Printer version. Instead, this innovative tool gives Albertans the option to access what they need without scrolling through long PDF documents.

“We are excited about the release of the OHS legislation search tool. The Government of Alberta is taking important steps to ensure that all Albertans are able to access health and safety legislation quickly and efficiently. This is a real step forward in accessibility for our members and hopefully a glimpse of future innovations to come.”

Carola von Sass, director, Alberta Forest Products Association

Users of the search tool will be able to view, download, email and print custom collections of legislation sections.  

The OHS legislation search tool is available at