“While inflation continues to rise across Canada and around the world, Alberta’s government is helping Albertans keep more money in their pockets.

“Life is already more affordable in Alberta, and the government is providing $2.3 billion in additional measures to bring down costs on daily necessities like fuel and utilities and support those who need it most.

“For example, if you’re driving your kids to play dates, soccer practice and day care in your pickup truck, you save around $18.50 every time you fill up your tank through the Fuel Tax Relief Program that eliminates the 13-cent provincial fuel tax. If you fill up four times a month for the next three months, you’ll save more than $220.

“And, once you get the kids to day care, you’ll save more thanks to the new child-care agreement. An average family earning a combined $120,000 with an infant attending a licensed child care facility full time used to pay $1,172 a month, on average. As of January 2022, this family is paying an average of $284 per month, almost $900 less.

“The Electricity Rebate Program is now in effect, saving you $50 on electricity bills starting in July. The program is in place for at least the next six months. You don’t have to apply. The rebate is automatically applied to your bill. And if natural gas prices stay high this winter, the natural gas rebate program will help you manage those bills too.

“In June, we reinstated the Fuel Price Contingency Program to help school authorities cover high fuel costs for buses.

“All of these measures keep more money in Albertans’ pockets and boost Alberta’s existing affordability advantage. We already have the lowest overall taxes among provinces while our major cities have some of the lowest housing prices and rental costs among Canadian urban centres.

“Our diversifying economy is creating jobs and attracting investment and contributing to high earnings that go further in our low-cost environment.

“Other Canadians and new immigrants are taking notice and taking advantage of Alberta’s lower cost of living. This year, we saw our highest first-quarter population growth since 2014.

“With experts predicting we will lead the nation in economic growth this year, there are many reasons to stay optimistic. We will continue to support Albertans and position Alberta to reap the benefits of our affordability advantage.

“We also continue to call on Ottawa to consider similar consumer relief measures. If the Government of Canada paused the collection of both the federal carbon tax and the federal fuel tax, drivers would save about $22 more on every 100 litres of gasoline.

“Rising costs for everyday necessities are affecting all Canadians. Alberta’s government is doing what it can to support Albertans. We urge the federal government to take this issue seriously as well and take steps to provide relief to Canadians.”