“Canada’s annual meeting of federal, provincial and territorial energy resource ministers should be an opportunity to address energy issues impacting the country.

“While there were productive discussions, it was painfully clear that the federal government is not listening to Canadians who are suffering as rampant inflation affects every part of their lives, from the grocery store to the gas pump to their utility bills. Instead, Ottawa is focusing on unrealistic plans for emissions reductions and a national net-zero electricity grid that will only make life more expensive for families and businesses.

“The era of energy security amnesia is over. At all levels of government, it is our responsibility to reduce emissions and also ensure a reliable and affordable energy system. A strategy that means Canadians can’t afford to heat their homes and keep their lights on is no strategy at all.

“Around the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference table, we agree on addressing climate change, emissions management and energy security, but we need a better way to get there. A single plan won’t solve our problems overnight, and a single plan won’t work for every province.

“Alberta wants to be a big part of the solution. The world is moving towards an energy transition and net zero, and so is Alberta’s energy industry. More than that, we are setting out a vision for a secure energy future – and acting on it. During my most recent trip to Washington, D.C., I heard over and over from key congressional leaders that Alberta is key to a North American security alliance.

“Alberta is calling on our partners to revisit solutions that are tangible and actionable for each of our jurisdictions. Canada needs a practical approach that will keep energy affordable and reliable while still putting us on the path to net zero. Emissions targets need to be realistic and achievable and leave minimal impact on communities and the well-being of our citizens.

“We are ready and willing to work with all our partners in Confederation to tackle these issues in a way that makes life more affordable for all Canadians.”