MLA Allard will participate in the Energy Council’s 2022 State and Provincial Trends in Energy and Environment conference. The conference is an opportunity to reinforce Alberta’s role in, and the benefits of, a continental energy strategy. MLA Allard will also promote the province’s efforts to improve the competitiveness of Alberta’s energy industry.

In addition to energy security, the conference will discuss issues such as electricity grid reliability, emissions reduction, transboundary pipeline projects and the energy sector’s workforce.

As a member of the Energy Council’s executive committee and the Centre for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research’s (CLEER) board of directors, MLA Allard will join board meetings taking place during the conference. This is an opportunity to highlight and build interest in the Energy Council Conference, which Alberta will host in Banff later in 2022.

Mission expenses will be posted on the travel and expense disclosure page.

Alberta’s government is committed to working with its national and international partners to advance shared interests that can lead to new opportunities for people and businesses in Alberta and around the world.

Itinerary for MLA Allard*

June 8

  • Travel to Overland Park, Kansas

June 9

  • Participate in conference programming

June 10

  • Participate in conference programming

June 11

  • Participate in conference programming

June 12

  • Participate in conference programming
  • Travel to Edmonton

*Subject to change.