“National Indigenous History Month is an important time of year to learn about the history and rich cultures of Indigenous Peoples in Alberta. This year, the Alberta government is pleased to recognize their strength and resiliency.

“For thousands of years, Indigenous Peoples have been a part of Alberta. They guided Europeans during the fur trade. Instead of the friendships and alliances expected through trade and Treaty, they met racism and attempts at being assimilated.

“Through it all, Indigenous ceremonies, traditions and ways of life have endured. We see this throughout Alberta, from the medicine wheel to the use of tobacco and smudging.

“We must also remember the strong, vibrant and rich Indigenous cultures that have stretched across Alberta for centuries. They hold meaning and value, and will not be extinguished.

“This year, make National Indigenous History Month one to remember. Open your hearts and your minds to Indigenous history and cultures, and share the pride of the more than 258,000 First Nations and Métis people and Inuit in Alberta.

“Follow Alberta’s Ministry of Indigenous Relations on Facebook every weekday in June for posts that honour Indigenous people and history.

“Let’s continue to learn, celebrate and to build stronger relationships together.”