The Respectful Workplace Policy includes detailed information on how to make a complaint, how investigations will be conducted, consequences for violation, and definitions of various types of workplace harassment.

The policy was written by Jamie Pytel and Alex Matthews of Kingsgate Legal after they conducted an extensive review of existing HR policies at the Premier’s Office request.

“Political staff work in a dynamic and high-pressure environment. This policy recognizes these unique workplace considerations while protecting staff from harassment, including sexual harassment and discrimination. This policy is a positive step forward for people working in politics.”

Jamie Pytel, Kingsgate Legal

Along with the updated policy, the Premier and all Ministers have signed a statement confirming their commitment to a harassment-free workplace.

The new policy supports Executive Council’s commitment to ensuring a work environment that is free of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence.

To support these efforts across the Government of Alberta, Executive Council has ensured members of the Alberta public service, agencies, boards, commissions, and the Legislative Assembly of Alberta completed anti-harassment workforce training.

Read: A Respectful Workplace Policy for Staff of the Premier’s Office and Ministerial Offices of the Government of Alberta.