“National AccessAbility Week is an important opportunity for Albertans to learn and raise awareness about the critical need for accessibility and inclusion in our communities and workplaces.

“Many do not understand why accessibility is so critical. There are many challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis, like physical access to the places they live and work and even access to technology, services, employment, transportation and communication.

“More than 21 per cent of Albertans aged 15 and older are living with some form of disability that affects their independence or quality of life. We must continue to work together to remove barriers that hold people back from achieving their full potential and accessing day-to-day places and services.

“We all share the benefits of a society and economy that welcomes diversity, inclusion and acceptance of all people. When people with disabilities can participate in all aspects of society – including accessing employment, recreation, resources and services – it makes our province a better place to live and work.

“This National AccessAbility Week, I want to recognize and thank the many individuals, communities and employers who are working hard to make sure Albertans with disabilities are included and afforded every opportunity to participate and be successful wherever they go.”