Minister Shandro and Associate Minister Ellis talk with Edmonton Police Service officers.

In a letter to Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, Minister Shandro outlines concerns around a sharp increase in violent crimes in downtown Edmonton. Edmonton Police Service data shows crime in the city’s core rose by 11 per cent in 2021. Recent attacks at transit stations and high levels of public drug use are also noted as areas of concern.

Under Section 30(1) of the Police Act, Minister Shandro has directed the mayor to take action and provide a public safety plan within two weeks.

“As the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, I have a responsibility under the Police Act to ensure the people of Edmonton receive the law enforcement protection they deserve. Edmontonians should feel safe and secure when using public transit, visiting restaurants, attending events and walking the streets in their own community.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Quick facts

  • Violent crime growth in downtown Edmonton:
    • 2020 – 2,382 incidents reported
    • 2021 – 2,665 incidents reported (11 per cent increase)
    • light rapid transit (LRT) and transit centres crime severity has increased by nearly 60 per cent since 2019
    • medical incidents on public transit increased 341 per cent
  • 2022 statistics so far:
    • 549 LRT and transit centre disturbances
      • 130 violent incidents
      • 42 weapon complaints
  • Section 30(1) of the Police Act states: “When, in the opinion of the Minister, a municipality that is responsible for providing and maintaining policing services is not
  1. providing or maintaining adequate and effective policing services, or
  2. complying with this Act or the regulations,

the Minister may notify the council of that fact and request the council to take the action the Minister considers necessary to correct the situation.”