“May 20 is World Bee Day, an opportunity to celebrate bees and all they do for us.    

“Honey bees are an essential part of our agriculture industry, both as important pollinators for our crop producers and as a thriving industry all their own.  

“Alberta is proudly home to Canada’s largest beekeeping industry, with an average $72 million in honey production every year. Our province produces more than a third of the country’s honey – almost 31 million pounds in 2021 alone.

“As pollinators, their yearly contributions to Canada’s canola industry are valued at $26.7 billion. Alberta beekeepers contribute $10 million to $13 million worth of pollination services annually.

“The list of accomplishments is impressively long for such small creatures. Today, take a second to appreciate everything bees and Alberta’s 2,400 beekeepers contribute to our economy, environment and everyday well-being.”