Her letter to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino outlines concerns around federal Bill C-71 requiring additional verification of Possession and Acquisition Licences for non-restricted firearms transfers and increased record-keeping by businesses set to become effective on May 18.

Taken together, the federal measures are the first steps in recreating a national registry for non-restricted firearms, which will not prevent criminals from accessing firearms illegally.

The May 18 deadline does not provide adequate lead time to adjust to the profound impact this will have on law-abiding firearms owners and retailers.

“Once again, the federal government is misplacing the burden of public safety on law-abiding firearms owners and retailers with this misguided policy. I am glad we created the chief firearms office to advocate for common-sense firearms legislation that avoids wrapping up simple transactions in red tape.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“Despite the federal government claiming Bill C-71 is important to our public safety, distressingly little has been done to prepare individuals, businesses or my staff. Our office has been inundated with calls since news of the deadline emerged because Alberta firearms owners do not understand the changes and are concerned about the potential for a new backdoor long gun registry.”

Teri Bryant, chief firearms officer

Alberta’s chief firearms officer’s recommendation to the Government of Canada is to either immediately announce a one-year moratorium on the introduction of the new requirements to allow for proper consultation and refinement, or abandon the entire project.