“Physiotherapy provides increased mobility and pain management for thousands of Albertans every day. National Physiotherapy Month recognizes the value of physiotherapy in restoring optimal physical functioning after an accident, injury or illness, or assisting us in managing ongoing health conditions.

“Physiotherapists are highly trained primary care professionals who promote healing, including increased mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence and independence. They also support healthy aging for improved quality of life and preventing future health problems, making everyday life at work, recreation and home better.

“Physiotherapists work in general and rehabilitation hospitals, home care, schools, workplaces, private clinics, long-term care and assisted living facilities, community-based clinics and primary care networks.

“Please join me in recognizing the care and commitment provided by physiotherapists across the province. They are vital members of health-care teams, providing continuity of care for patients and families so that they can return to healthy and active living.”