The SR1 project will support Alberta’s Recovery Plan by creating more than 2,200 jobs during construction. Once complete, the SR1 will protect Calgary and southern Alberta from the type of devastation that resulted from the 2013 floods that caused
$5 billion in damage.

“This is a watershed moment for our province. SR1 will help protect tens of thousands of Albertans from potential major floods. We are proud to bring this project to life.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“We are excited to be moving this project forward. SR1 will protect lives, property, businesses and our economy. Without this flood mitigation, the City of Calgary and surrounding areas remain at risk of another devastating flood. I am grateful to all of our stakeholders who helped us reach this milestone.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Transportation

“The Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir project will ensure Calgary has what it needs to respond effectively to the risk of flood emergencies. Communities are stronger and more resilient when residents are well prepared for emergencies, and projects like this will make Calgary better prepared than ever.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

“Residents and businesses in Calgary-Elbow were devastated by flooding in 2013 and have been waiting for successive governments to take action to prevent future flood disasters. The news that construction is underway on Springbank Reservoir is a promise made and promise kept by our government. This is great news and I’m proud to be part of a government that is delivering on its promises.”

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, and MLA for Calgary-Elbow

“Residents of southern Alberta have experienced first-hand the repercussions of climate change. Once completed, the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir will protect the livelihoods of thousands of people by significantly increasing the region’s resiliency to floods and natural disasters.”

Dominic LeBlanc, federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities

“We are happy to celebrate the start of construction for SR1. Once complete, the reservoir will protect homes, schools and local businesses from future floods in Alberta. It will give residents peace of mind knowing that the reservoir is there to help keep them safe and protect their property.”

George Chahal, MP for Calgary Skyview

SR1 will divert flood waters from the Elbow River during extreme flood events to be stored temporarily in a reservoir before water is released back into the river.

“Investment in flood mitigation continues to be a priority for Calgarians and city council. Moving the Springbank Reservoir flood mitigation project forward to construction phase is welcome news. Strengthening critical infrastructure like this will help reduce our vulnerability to a changing climate and extreme weather events, preventing future widespread damage. Combined with the city’s efforts to date, Calgary’s overall flood risk will be reduced by approximately 70 per cent from 2013.”

Jyoti Gondek, mayor, City of Calgary

“We are extremely proud and honoured to be awarded the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir project and to once again collaborate with the Province of Alberta and its communities. Our teams are highly motivated by the challenges of this major project, creating local jobs and building a sustainable infrastructure which will serve the people of Calgary and surrounding areas.”

Patrick Kadri, CEO, Vinci Infrastructure Canada Ltd.

“The Stoney Nakoda Nations would like to recognize the Province of Alberta who have worked to include our Nations in both land recognition and consultation within this area, as well as providing economic opportunities for our Nations to participate in the actual construction.”

Chief Aaron Young, Chiniki First Nation

“The Stoney Nakoda Nations are pleased to participate in the SR1 project and we are hopeful that this project will provide a level of protection to Calgary and our many friends downstream from future flooding.”

Chief Clifford Poucette, Wesley First Nation

Quick facts

  • SR1 will be partially operational in 2024 and fully operational in 2025.
  • The project footprint is about 3,700 acres.
  • Vinci Infrastructure Canada Ltd. was selected with the lowest bid at $379 million.
  • Budget 2022 includes $473.6 million over the next three years for SR1.
Alberta's Recovery Plan