“Since 1992, International Day of the Midwives has recognized the important role midwives play in improving the maternal and infant health outcomes for women, newborns and families.  

“In Alberta, expectant mothers can choose midwifery as a safe alternative primary care service, in both rural and urban locations. Midwifery is a publicly funded service from conception to six weeks after birth, and has proved to contribute to a reduced need for medical interventions like caesarean sections, shorter lengths of stay for hospital births and improved rates of breastfeeding.

“Midwives get to know a family, offer emotional support, help mitigate and manage pregnancy risks, and make referrals as needed. Licensed midwives in Alberta have a degree and formal education in midwifery and are registered with the College of Midwives of Alberta.

“Thank you to Alberta’s highly educated midwives who support pre- and postnatal care, labour and thousands of births across the province. Women, babies and families in Alberta are fortunate to have access to high-quality health care from dedicated care teams before, during and after delivery, in and outside of hospitals.”