“This Mental Health Week, the Canadian Mental Health Association is encouraging everyone to get real about how to improve their mental health.

“For some people, improving their mental health can be as simple as taking small steps towards wellness like getting out for a walk, eating healthy, getting enough sleep or spending time with friends and families.

“For others, improving their mental health can be a challenge that requires a community of support to improve. It is always important for us to remember that everyone is different. We can all strive towards being more caring and empathetic towards those in our lives and supporting others in their pursuit of wellness.

“To anyone who may need more support, please reach out for help if you need it. Alberta’s government, in partnership with the United Way and the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta, has streamlined the 211 process to help every Albertan find the support they need.

“Simply call 211 to get connected with mental health supports in your area. Alberta’s government supports initiatives to improve mental health across the province and we are constantly expanding access to a range of services to make life better for Albertans. Get connected today.”