“Around the world Armenians and their allies remember the first genocide of the 20th century that started 107 years ago. In this crime against humanity, the Turks of the Ottoman Empire sought to exterminate the Armenian people. An estimated 1.5 million souls lost their lives to death marches and ‘butcher battalions.’

“As a member of Parliament, I affirmed to Armenian Canadians that this genocide will never be forgotten in this country. Today, as Premier of Alberta, I reaffirm that commitment to honour our Armenian neighbours.

“Currently, another crime against humanity is occurring as Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashes a premeditated and systematic campaign of horror upon the people of Ukraine.

“Whether genocide happened last century or last week, it requires people of all nations to stand opposed and to preserve the memory of atrocity in our collective consciousness for future generations.

“I ask Albertans to join me in prayerfully calling to mind all of those whose lives were taken in a campaign of brutal violence.”