“April 23 to 30 is National Immunization Week, an opportunity to raise awareness about one of the most important public health innovations – vaccines.

“While many now think of COVID-19 when we talk about vaccines, immunizations play a vital role in our health and wellness. They help protect us, our communities and those who are too young or unable to get vaccinated due to other medical conditions.

“Some vaccines like the ones for smallpox or measles prevent infection, while others such as COVID-19 vaccines lower our chance of experiencing severe illness or outcomes.

“Today, many deadly diseases are preventable through immunization. Getting immunized and remaining current with your shots and necessary boosters is very important for your overall health, at any age. If you are a parent, vaccinating your child is one of the best steps you can take to protect their health.

“Alberta offers a routine immunization schedule that provides the maximum protection for you or your child at the optimum age.

“If you have questions about immunizations, please speak with your family doctor or contact Health Link by calling 811. You can also find answers to many questions regarding immunizations at Immunize Alberta.”