“Today marks the First Day of Ridvan for those of Baha’i faith. On this day, Bah’u’llah entered the Garden of Ridvan, or paradise, and declared that he was a manifestation of God.

“To mark this occasion, people of Baha’i faith will gather together and pray. They will also observe the Ninth Day of Ridvan, when Bah’u’llah’s family joins him in the Garden of Ridvan, and the 12th Day of Ridvan, when Bah’u’llah departs from the Garden of Ridvan with his family.

“Religious occasions add meaning to the lives of those who observe them and can be an opportunity for reflection and renewed commitment. They can also be an opportunity for Albertans to learn more about the diverse religious and cultural communities in our province.

“I encourage Albertans to join me in extending best wishes to everyone observing the First Day of Ridvan.”