A wildfire dashboard and fire permit portal join the Alberta Wildfire app as key technologies that put critical wildfire management and prevention information directly into the hands of Albertans.

“Albertans want to be in the know during wildfire season and do their part to prevent human-caused wildfires. Last year, 67 per cent of wildfires were caused by humans. These new tools will empower residents and visitors with the information they need to make smart decisions during wildfire season.”

Nate Horner, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development

Wildfire dashboard

The new wildfire dashboard provides up-to-date wildfire information at the click of a button. This interactive tool displays important statistics on the number of active wildfires in the province, sizes, locations, suspected causes and more.

The dashboard builds on the former wildfire status map by displaying the most frequently accessed information in one convenient location.

Fire permit portal

Albertans living or recreating in the Forest Protection Area of the province can request a free fire permit using the new, convenient online fire permit portal.

Permits are required for burning activities other than campfires during wildfire season and help focus firefighting resources where they are needed most. Fire permits help ensure that when smoke or fire is reported, wildfire officials can determine whether this is a wildfire or a permitted burn.

Each permit is unique and outlines the restrictions and conditions for your burn, including location, wind speed, time and date of burn and any suppression tools required. Permits may be suspended or cancelled in the event of a fire advisory, restriction or ban.

Fire permits can still be requested over the phone by calling your local forest area office.

Anyone living outside of the Forest Protection Area should contact their local municipality for more information about fire permits in their area.

Quick facts

  • Alberta Wildfire also launched a new mobile application in spring 2021 so that Albertans can take important wildfire information with them on the go. The app has been downloaded to more than 45,000 devices.
  • Fire permits may be restricted or cancelled in the case of a fire advisory, restriction or ban.
  • You may be fined $600 if you burn without a permit or fail to burn within your permit conditions.