The Government of Alberta and the AMA are engaged in interest-based negotiations toward a provincial agreement for Alberta physicians. The parties continue to have productive discussions that reflect many common interests.

As part of negotiations, the parties are engaging on what a comprehensive physician compensation framework could encompass. To allow sufficient time for discussion, the parties have agreed that any pending changes to physician compensation rates or programs will be halted until negotiations conclude. This applies to compensation with respect to Alberta Health Services payments, including stipends, physician on-call and AHS overhead policy.

With respect to AHS stipends, those who had arrangements extended to March 31 will now be extended to June 30 to facilitate ongoing talks. The parties will continue to work closely together. With respect to AHS overhead, this will also be put on hold until June 30, to further dialogue.

The Physician Compensation Advisory Committee (PCAC) is an advisory to the minister and the minister has agreed not to implement any recommendations from the PCAC, with the exception of the virtual care codes, until June 30.

These actions, combined with those announced in January, demonstrate that both sides are continuing to rebuild the relationship and are willing and able to work together. Going forward, the parties have agreed to joint communications regarding public updates on negotiations.