The Recall Act strengthens democracy by giving Albertans a method to hold elected officials accountable.

The Citizen Initiative Act gives Albertans a more direct role in democracy by giving voters the ability to propose legislative, policy or constitutional action on issues that affect them.

“This is another promise kept: giving Albertans a greater say in the democratic process. The Citizen Initiative Act and Recall Act give Albertans the ability to directly set the priorities for the government and hold elected officials accountable throughout their term. These are among the most important democratic reforms in Alberta history.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“This legislation strengthens democracy in our province by helping Albertans to be directly involved with it. Albertans can now hold elected officials in Alberta accountable outside of the four-year election cycle.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“We promised to introduce and pass recall legislation. This could lead to removal and replacing elected officials, including members of the legislative assembly, municipal officials and school board trustees, during their term in office. This is another promise made and kept.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Financing rules

Financing rules have also been established for recalling MLAs and initiative petitions. The Recall Regulation and Citizen Initiative Regulation outline financing limit rules, such as contribution limits for individuals and expense limits. The regulations also align the financing rules with elections rules in other legislation.

Quick facts

  • The Recall Act allows Albertans to initiate a process that could lead to removing and replacing elected officials, including members of the legislative assembly (MLAs), municipal officials and school trustees during their term.
  • The Citizen Initiative Act allows Albertans to bring their concerns and proposals forward to government for discussion or referendum.
  • Contributions made under the Recall Act and Citizen Initiative Act are not eligible for income tax credits.
  • Offences and penalties align with existing elections legislation.