Alberta’s economic recovery is at risk if everyday Albertans are left behind and unable to absorb the costs being imposed on them by the federal government. That’s why Alberta’s government is urging the Government of Canada to halt the scheduled increase to the carbon tax.

Alberta’s government is already taking action by stopping the collection of the provincial fuel tax effective April 1 and providing families with $150 electricity rebates to help Albertans with the rising cost of living, while capping the price of natural gas to protect consumers.

According to the Bank of Canada, the scheduled April 1 increase of the carbon tax to $50 a tonne will increase inflation by an estimated 0.5 per cent while inflation is already at a 30-year high.

“Albertans will be receiving much-needed relief from the provincial fuel tax and the $150 electricity rebate, on top of our cap on natural gas prices. Now we need the Government of Canada to stop increasing the cost of living by shelving their planned April 1 carbon tax hike, which they intend to more than triple over the years to come.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“The best thing a government can do during inflationary pressures is to spend less, borrow less and tax less. We are doing just that, but in order for Albertans to feel the difference, the federal government needs to do the same. Halting the carbon tax is critical at a time when inflation is already challenging families across the country.”

Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

“The very first act of this government in 2019 was to end the carbon tax through Bill 1 because we knew the damage it would do to the economy and to families. Now with the rising cost of everything from gas to groceries, we will be formally calling on the Government of Canada to halt the carbon tax increase scheduled for April 1.”

Jason Nixon, Government House Leader

The Bank of Canada recently said the impact of the carbon tax on the rising inflation rate of 5.1 per cent was 0.4 per cent. The Bank of Canada has a target rate for inflation at 2.0 per cent.

The federal carbon tax rate on gasoline is set to increase again on April 1, from just under nine cents per litre to just over 11 cents per litre.

"We applaud the Government of Alberta for stepping up and opposing this carbon tax. Justin Trudeau needs to hear this message. Albertans have had enough of this tax and it’s time to cut us a break. Ignoring the provincial government’s calls for action isn’t punishing our politicians, he’s punishing hard-working Albertans who are struggling under Ottawa's high taxes."

Kevin Lacey, Alberta director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Alberta’s government will stop the collection of the provincial fuel tax to offer Albertans relief from current high fuel prices. Currently, Albertans pay 13 cents per litre in fuel tax. This change will come into effect April 1.

Alberta’s government will also provide $150 electricity rebates to help Albertans pay for the high bills they faced this winter. More than one million homes, farms and businesses are expected to receive a $50 monthly rebate for three months.


The motion being introduced in the legislature is:

“Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly call on the Government of Canada to stop its planned April 1, 2022 increase of the carbon tax to $50 per tonne, and its further plan to increase the carbon tax to $170 per tonne, given that Canadian families are struggling with the highest inflation in 30 years.”