“March 13-19 marks Canadian Agricultural Safety Week.

“For the past two years, Alberta’s producers and processors have shown great ingenuity and determination to protect workers from COVID-19 while keeping our food supply safe and secure.

“As we continue to navigate the pandemic, I would like to thank all farmers, ranchers and food processors for their innovation and resilience during these difficult times.

“As part of Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, we must remain diligent and remember to focus on preventing other common injuries and illnesses on the farm and in the workplace as well.

“Employers, workers and government all have a part to play to ensure the safety of agricultural workers and their families across the province.

“Unfortunately, on average, 85 people die each year in Canada due to farm-related incidents. A staggering 13 per cent of these deaths are children. These tragedies are preventable.

“So this week, I encourage farmers, ranchers and food processors to renew their commitment to worker health and safety by taking a moment to identify hazards in the workplace and creating a plan to ensure Albertans can come home at the end of each shift.

“These small steps could help save a life.”