“Human trafficking is a dehumanizing and predatory crime that violates a person’s most basic human rights and dignity. Traffickers exploit their victims and rob them of their freedom – all for their own gain. We must do everything we can to fight this heinous crime and stand up for victims and those at risk of human trafficking.

“Alberta's government promised to address human trafficking, and we followed through with the Alberta Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking and the Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking Act. The Human Trafficking Task Force engaged many organizations that address human trafficking and support victims and we are reviewing their recommendations to inform our next steps. Our work to end human trafficking in our province is not over.

“Ignoring human trafficking only allows it to flourish, and today on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, it is important for each of us to recognize how we can play a role in addressing this issue. We urge Albertans to take this opportunity to consider how this appalling crime affects our communities and how we can help fight human trafficking.”