On Feb. 16, the inaugural Premier’s Summit on Fairness for Newcomers will bring together Alberta’s immigration partners to look at the challenges newcomers face and consider the best actions to support their success.

“Alberta has always been a land of opportunity. From the First Nations who first established trade routes to the pioneers who ploughed the ground to generations of immigrants who have come to Alberta to pursue freedom and prosperity. Each have left a legacy and imparted their values on Alberta and we are so much better for it. I’m bringing Alberta’s newcomer communities together to discuss how we can continue this legacy and make sure Alberta remains a land of opportunity for generations to come.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

This summit will include keynote presentations from Premier Kenney, Minister of Labour and Immigration Tyler Shandro, Associate Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism Muhammad Yaseen, York University assistant professor Akolisa Ufodike and economist Linda Nazareth.

Presentations and panel discussions will highlight important issues and challenges Alberta’s newcomers face, such as foreign qualification recognition, labour mobility, supports for integration and settlement, and the importance of immigration to Alberta’s workforce and economy. Throughout the day, newcomers will share their firsthand experiences of coming to Alberta.

“Attracting and retaining skilled newcomers is a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan to help strengthen our workforce and get Albertans back to work. I look forward to the insightful conversations that will occur at the Premier’s Summit that will help inform Alberta’s immigration policy to ensure we attract the best and brightest to communities across our province.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Labour and Immigration

“As an immigrant, I understand the unique economic and social barriers that newcomers experience when establishing themselves in a new country. The Premier’s Summit is an opportunity to help Alberta’s government pursue actions that will make our province a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive place for all.”

Muhammad Yaseen, Associate Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism

The Premier’s Summit will occur annually to ensure Alberta’s immigration approach meets the needs of newcomers and Alberta’s job creators and communities.

Quick facts

  • The inaugural Premier’s Summit on Fairness for Newcomers brings together immigration stakeholders to discuss issues faced by newcomers to Alberta.
  • This year’s summit will include in-person and virtual participation.
  • Attendees will include immigrant-serving organizations, professional regulatory organizations, newcomers, and community development organizations.