“Today, in the meeting with my federal, provincial and territorial colleagues, I raised what I believe are the most important issues facing Canadians today: jobs and growth.

“The long-term prosperity for the nation is dependent on improving productivity and competitiveness, attracting investment and job creation. This should be the No. 1 goal of finance ministers across the country every time we meet to discuss these issues.

“To that end, I am pleased the federal minister of finance supports Alberta’s proposal to make economic growth and investment a standing item at future federal-provincial-territorial finance ministers’ meetings.

“Here in Alberta, we are leading the country in economic growth this year. Thanks to our competitive business environment and low cost of living, we are seeing a wave of groundbreaking new investments across the province. We have recovered all the jobs lost since the pandemic and our unemployment rate is falling.

“We need to see a focus on investment attraction, economic growth and wealth creation from the federal government and finance ministers across the country to ensure the standard of living we enjoy today is available to future generations of Canadians.

“Going forward, I will continue to work as constructively as possible with the federal government and other provinces to improve this country’s competitiveness and productivity, grow our respective economies and create jobs and prosperity for all Canadians.”