“Alberta’s government has been leading a coordinated effort to identify opportunities for action and collaboration in supporting the economic recovery of women in Alberta, and today’s job numbers tell us that our initiatives are working.

“Women in Alberta are leading the nation with a 60.6 per cent employment rate, while unemployment across the province has dropped to its lowest rate since before the pandemic.

“Alberta’s Recovery Plan is a broad-based approach that is building, diversifying and creating jobs across the province while having women at the forefront.

“With investments in women in STEM and grants like the Women in Economic Recovery Challenge Grant, as well as successfully negotiating a plan that will see licensed daycare fees drop by an average of 50 per cent for Alberta families, our government is helping to create the conditions for women to fully participate in the economy.

“There is always more work to be done, and we will continue to support this momentum.

“Women in Alberta are strong, resilient and hard-working. They have an important role in our economic recovery and without a doubt hold the pen in writing the next great chapter in Alberta’s story.”