“With 2021 in the rear-view mirror, 2022 promises to bring far better news to Albertans.

“We are projected to lead the country in economic growth in 2022. Alberta’s Recovery Plan will capitalize on that momentum and help every Albertan benefit from a bright future.

“We all should be optimistic about 2022. This year we will finally, and fully, recover from six tough years in our economy. More large-scale investments will have great impact right across Alberta’s economy. We’re seeing job growth throughout our economy, as well. Albertans have much to look forward to.

"Yes, we’re still dealing with challenges. But Albertans are resilient people. We recover and rebuild. We support one another. We overcome.

"With 2022, we have a fresh opportunity to build on our successes, set new goals and embrace a bright and hopeful future.

“My very best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!"