Through Building Forward: Alberta’s 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan, the government’s infrastructure decisions will be guided by economic, technological, environmental and social trends anticipated to affect the province over the next 20 years. The plan provides direction for how government can best meet future infrastructure needs and build vital infrastructure that will provide Albertans with the services they need and encourage economic growth.

“The 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan will help guide future budget decisions and capital investments and support Alberta’s recovery by attracting investment and job creators. The plan will help ensure we are investing responsibly in provincial infrastructure that will support vital programs and services for Albertans well into the future.”

Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure

“Smart and strategic long-term capital planning is critical to economic development, jobs and innovation while also ensuring the best possible use of taxpayer dollars. The 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan will provide a framework to support transparency and better capital decision-making for infrastructure needed to attract investment and support vital services for Albertans.”

Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

Quick facts

  • The 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan is designed around four major objectives for provincial investment in infrastructure over the next 20 years:
    • strong fiscal management
    • maintaining a healthy economy
    • encouraging job growth
    • focusing on innovation
  • The plan examines trends that are likely to affect how Alberta evolves over the next 20 years. These trends and the plan’s six guiding strategies will inform the government’s planning for capital investments over the long term.
  • The 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan was developed with extensive Alberta government cross-ministry input as well as from government partners, job creators, municipalities and Albertans.
  • The Infrastructure Accountability Act legislates the development and regular review of a 20-year strategic capital plan.
  • Alberta is the third province after Ontario and Quebec to legislate the development and regular review of a long-term capital plan.
Alberta's Recovery Plan